Thursday, March 29, 2007

Page 1 Consider (03/29)

  • Contestants' Row: Ever wonder what it's like to be a would-be contestant on "The Price Is Right"? If he's done shoving old ladies who got to "Come on Down" instead of him then my friend Keith can tell you all about it. (KneeDeepInMud)

  • The Mysteries of Detroit: Now the authorities in Motown are saying Andrew Anthos, the gay man whose death became a cause for gay rights advocates, died of natural causes, not from being beaten? How could there be such a huge discrepancy? '"There's no evidence that an assault occurred," police spokesman James Tate told The Detroit News. (AP)

  • Is He Kidding? Who knew "Blades of Glory" was such a brilliant social commentary on homosexuality? (MSNBC)

  • Casualties of War: I happened to talk to my college sweetheart back in Arizona last night and he told me how upsetting he found it that the late Pat Tillman is in the news constantly, yet thousands of other brave men and women who also lost their lives serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan are never mentioned again. Sure, he know why (money, fame, America's obsession with football). But working in the funeral industry he is more directly reminded that every dead person was someone's father, mother, brother, sister. I couldn't agree with my friend more, and luckily news organizations like the NY Times feel this way too. Check out their Faces of the Dead page that offers individual photos of these American heroes, analysis, and their personal stories. (NYT) (Our phone call would have been perfect if he hadn't ended it by confessing his undying love for Sanjaya Malakar!)
  • Lawless Lovers: A 65-year old Honolulu man has pleaded guilty for helping to arrange a marriage for his Chinese lover so that the man could remain in the U.S. Federal officials alleged that Bob Loren agreed to pay a woman and her daughter $6,000 for the daughter to marry Hang Duan. Loren met Hang Duan, 20 at the time, while Loren was teaching English in China. When Loren returned to Hawaii, Hang entered the country on a 90-day visa. The things we do for love -- and to get around this country's arcane immigration policy. Somebody get Soloway on the horn, quick!! (365Gay)

  • 100 31 Years of Solitude: Broken, at last. (NYT)
  • Gold-Plated Bats in the Belfry: What kind of idiots spend $500,000 to redo their attic? Oh, rich ones. (NYT)

  • Miami Heat: Rafael Nadal got knocked out, Andy Roddick pulled out with an injury and Serena Williams kept crushing the competition. Welcome to Key Biscayne. (Ticker)
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