Friday, February 23, 2007

Page 1 Consider (02/23)

  • Chelsea 911: I don't know where I have been the past few years but I just discovered "Reno 911!" on Comedy Central and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. The episode where the department buys a Hummer nearly killed me!!! For being such a late bloomer I'll probably give them $12 and see the movie, which inevitably won't be as good. (WP)

  • No Such Thing As Bad Press: I can't help but love it that my blogger pal Perez Hilton -- hated by many, I know -- is becoming a bigger star than most of the losers he writes about. (EOnline!)

  • Green With Envy: The actor Orlando Bloom is walking around shirtless so let's write an article about his being "environmentally conscious." (Bang)
  • Stiff Fienne: So that Qantas flight attendant who "allegedly" had a mile-high fling with the actor Ralph Fiennes has finally admitted it's all true and was promptly fired. "At first I denied it because I was so desperate to keep my job and I didn't want to hurt Ralph," explained 38-year-old Lisa Robertson. "I don't regret it. Ralph is gorgeous and the chemistry between us was amazing." Perhaps she can make him coffee and get him to put his seat up right back at the manse. (Reuters)

  • A Real Dream Girl: Nearly 30 years since their love "went," Mary Wilson of the Supremes is busier than ever. She still performs three to five nights a week and serves as a cultural ambassador traveling to countries such as Botswana, Pakistan and Bangladesh performing concerts and educating people about HIV and AIDS. As for that film Mary says it's not really about the Supremes: her own film double, character Lorrell Robinson played by Anika Noni Rose, is nothing like her, she says. Also, Beyonce's Deena Jones is not Diana Ross and Jamie Foxx is not playing Berry Gordy Jr. ("Berry is a lot more fun," she says.). As for her feud with "Diane" Ross (as she so bitchily insists on calling Diana), that's been grossly blown out of proportion: "People like to dwell on the negative, but we are closer than most people realize," Wilson says. "People think Florence and I were closest, but actually Diane and I were closer. Sometimes life or business throws you things, but the feeling is still there. That has never really changed." Sounds like the words of one classy lady. (WP)

  • 'Roseanne' Country: Illinois state Rep. Greg Harris filed legislation Thursday that would permit same-sex couples in the state to marry. (365Gay)

  • Payless Idol: I've never watched "American Idol" before, but when my friend Mark told me that the "trademark" of one of this year's contestants was appearing onstage barefoot I almost had to fly to Burbank to kill him myself (God created shoes for a reason, dipshit!). Fortunately others felt the same way and sent his shoeless ass packing. (MSNBC)

  • Churched Out: Atheists sue Bush over faith-based initiatives. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who used to work with my grandmother at Social Security in Baltimore, may have been murdered, but fortunately there are others who will not let the president of the United States kill our democracy. (Gay365)

  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby: Wimbledon has finally agreed to pay equal prize money to women, a move lauded by tennis pioneer Billie Jean King: "I think it was definitely hard for them to change because of the culture and the psyche behind it, but I’m relieved that they finally got there," said Billie Jean King, who won six singles titles at Wimbledon. "But remember, it’s not about the money, it’s about the message it sends to women and girls around the world." Wimbledon joins the U.S. and Australian opens in evening the pay scale between men and women, while the French Open only pays its winners equally. Although I generally prefer women's tennis to men's (I'm gay, come on), I find myself somewhat ambivalent about this ruling. Even if you don't buy the "men play best of five sets and the women only play best of three" argument -- which is pretty darn valid considering most employees are paid more for working more -- the real issue here is which one makes the sponsors more money and I think it's been proven time and again that men's tennis is a much bigger draw. (NYT)

    Anonymous said...

    "Sounds like the words of one classy lady. "

    Have you read Wilson's book, "Dreamgirl"? She may be playing nice now, but Wilson was definitely singing a different tune back then. I'm betting we see a real reunion in the near future (Diana, Mary & Cindy)...

    Joey P said...

    I haven't watched Reno 911 for a couple of years, but I tivo'd last week's marathon on Comedy Central last Saturday. Needless to say: Hilarity ensued in my living room.

    I hope you didn't miss the story line about the female cop who was dating the serial killer.

    It makes my exes look like angels!

    Anonymous said...

    I am so glad Mr Kim was kicked of American Idol also.

    Herro put on some shoes!

    Moose said...

    so the shove that Diane gave Mary during the Motown Reunion special was nothing more than a "love tap"? Pleeze. Mary Wilson went out of her way to trash Ross in the two books she wrote, and to now say they are closer than she was with Flo (especially after the books) is disingenuous at best.

    Did you read the articles on the Wimby equal pay...that referred to the WTA as MariaSharapova & Company?