Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Page 1 Consider (02/20)

  • President's Day: A recently discovered home movie shows a brief but clear glimpse of President Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy just seconds before his assassination. The silent, 8 mm color film is "the clearest, best film of Jackie in the motorcade," said Gary Mack, curator of the Sixth Floor Museum, which focuses on Kennedy's life and assassination. The film was unveiled Monday on the museum's Web site. It's hard to believe that there is still unseen footage of that fateful day out there, but Mack explains it this way: "Everyone who captured the motorcade before the assassination thinks their pictures are unimportant. But to historians, all photos and home movies are important to possibly answer questions that will be asked in the future." Indeed. (Reuters)

  • FAUX-REPUB: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he would veto a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage if state lawmakers passed it again this year. I guess he has to do one thing that makes him a Republican, but does it have to be this? (Advocate)

  • Reality Bites: Did you hear about Kelly Osbourne's teary announcement at an AIDS charity event in London that a member of her family has contracted HIV? She offered no names and the family has not commented since, but I'm looking to pin this on those damn promiscuous bats. (TV Squad)

  • Parental Interruptus: Utah's highest court has decided that the widely held doctrine of "in loco parentis," which says that a person acts as a parent although they have no blood or legal ties to a child, suddenly does not apply to a same-sex couple who has separated. This means Keri Lynn Jones no longer will have visitation rights to the now 5-year old child she and Cheryl Pike Barlow were raising despite the fact that both women had decided to have the child and both were involved in the baby's care and upbringing. (365Gay)

  • Double-Dribble: Former NBA star Tim Hardaway is feeling the heat of his inflammatory words. (AP)

  • So Popular: Ryan Murphy, the (gay) creator of "Nip/Tuck" and the screen adaptation of "Running With Scissors," has just inked a development deal with Fox TV. (Advocate)

  • Another Step: Lorraine C. Miller was sworn in as clerk of the House of Representatives, making her the first black to hold the seat since it was created in 1789. (WP)

  • Death Squads: On top of everything else that is wrong with the war in Iraq, now comes word that U.S. troops are doing little to stop Iraqi militias that are blamed for the murders of hundreds of gay men and women -- murders that are sanctioned by the Iraqi government. (365Gay)

  • Church and Tolerance Don't Mix: Anglican leaders demanded Monday that the U.S. Episcopal Church unequivocally bar official prayers for gay couples and the consecration of more gay bishops to undo the damage that North Americans have caused the Anglican family. Yeah, the "damage." Talk like this provides so much healing and comfort to families -- you know, where gay people come from. (AP)

  • Bad Ending? Internet Movie Database (IMDb) thinks they can add the word "pro" to its name and suddenly charge $12.95 a month(!) for something that has always been free -- and is readily available elsewhere on the Internet? If Slate.com couldn't get away with $19.95 a year, I sincerely doubt this is going to go over very well. (IMDB)
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    Anonymous said...

    For awhile now, IMDB has had a "Pro" section that was always a pay to access part of the site. It's geared with those who are in the Movie/TV industry than the rest of us. They'd lose a lot if they were ever to charge for access to the database.