Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Fair Brady

He's the most adorable prolific passer in Notre Dame history yet few players attending the NFL Scouting Combine this weekend have as much to prove as quarterback Brady Quinn. The 6-foot-31/2, 232-pound Quinn possesses the prototypical size and strong arm every team wants in a quarterback. But for all his attributes, he's seen his stock drop in recent months. Undeterred, our fine young man says to his critics: "I'd tell them I'm the most prepared collegiate player in the draft. There's not one other player in college that's had the coaching I've had in the last two years, and I feel I'm the best leader." If pro football doesn't work out Brady always has a future as an A&F model.

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Random Thinker said...

I hope he lasts until the 9th pick. I want the Dolphins to pick him up.