Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'The Agency' on VH1

It's no secret that I love reality shows that revolve around gorgeous male models. "Manhunt," "8th and Ocean" and "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" all come to mind. I kind of forgot about VH1's latest offering in the genre -- "The Agency," which looks inside the famed Willamina agnecy -- but from a look at these screen grabs I found on FamousMaleForums I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing much. Truthfully, I see hotter guys at my gym everyday, not to mention my boyfriend. Anyone know if this show is worth checking out?


Anonymous said...

the show is worth a peek for the bass british gal fighting with her boss the big ole queen named pink. Plus it shows a more realistic side to the modelling industry--they sell flesh. toned, skinny flesh. and they have no problem telling a size 1 or 2 woman--you're fat. or telling people you're ugly--literally. it's brutal. sad. and that candor is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

good to see my caps being recycled :D


Anonymous said...

The Agency gives a peek into a highend model gallery. As an Artist I find the models worthy of highend status. I could never afford their fees to model for my artwork. But the Agency must fire Becky the Bitch, way she shoots her mouth off they will loose great models. Also, that receptionist must go - she laughs like a horse! Give yourselves more High Class and dump those two losers!