Monday, January 29, 2007

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  • The Full Monty: Michael and I finally saw "Little Children" over the weekend. If I hadn't already made my "Best of 2006" list, it would have definitely been on there. Forget Kate Winslet for best actress, though. What about Phyllis Somerville for her brilliant supporting role? And how sexy is that Patrick Wilson??? Next up for the Prom King? The thriller "Passengers." (FilmAsylum)

  • Jesus Gets Campy: My pal Jack E. Jett recently interviewed the real-life director of Jesus Camp, Becky Fisher. Warning to my gay readers: reading this will reveal to you the real reason you're a homosexual. Read it here.

  • Bully Pulpit: Bills that would require school boards to establish anti-bullying programs have passed key committees in Florida and Iowa. (365Gay)

  • Some Hillraiser:I feel like there are many reasons why I should be really into backing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, but something about that Illinois accent still bugs me. (WP)

  • Bad Medicine: Is T.R. Knight leaving "Grey's Anatomy"? (Scoop)

  • Sketchy Details: A teacher in Yonkers, N.Y., has been barred from classes for having his seventh-grade pupils draw male genitalia on the blackboard during health class, school officials say. The teacher, whose name was not made public, was assigned to administrative duties and the superintendent says he will ask trustees to fire him. So if he'd had them draw male and female genitalia, would he have been given tenure? (AP)

  • Levi's New Motto: If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em. (NYT)

  • Note to Self: When you're fleeing the cops it's probably a good idea not to flip them off and lose control of your vehicle. (DailyMail)

  • WeaveWeb of Deception: Did you see Tyra Banks in People magazine bragging about how "hot" she feels at 162 pounds? Apparently the National Enquirer got some none-too-flattering pictures of her cellulite-encased legs on a beach, so she figured an airbrushed People magazine spread was the best way to prove that she's OK with how she looks now. The cover line says YOU CALL THIS FAT? ... but what it should say is YOU CALL THAT HAIR? (People)

  • Change of Heart? Legislation to legalize civil unions has been filed in the Hawaii state legislature. but how far it will advance it unknown. The bill, written by local LGBT civil rights activist Bill Woods-Bateman, does not have a sponsor. But the measure does have one key supporter -- Debi Hartmann, who led a successful campaign back in '98 that led to the state banning gay marriage. I'm afraid to find out what's up with this one. (365Gay)
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    Rick said...

    Patrick Wilson always brings an image to mind of him descending into the subway station/bowels of the earth in Angels in America.