Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Page 1 Consider (01/24)

  • Ida Slapter: All these years I thought Paige Turner was the greatest drag name ever. I was wrong. (VirtualVallarta)
  • Tranny Worship: Workplace difficulties can arise for trangendered persons in nearly all professions, but what about those who are called to work for God? (Newsweek)
  • Child's Play: How do you get grown men to stop pissing all over the place? Give them a "target" in the urinal. (Truth or Fiction)
  • The Lost Years: The president wants Americans to give his Iraq plan "a chance." Um ... what were the past FOUR years? (MSNBC)
  • Get Carter: Former president Jimmy Carter flew north to Brandeis University to speak on Tuesday of his hurt at the personal attacks by some American Jews that followed publication of his latest book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid," which urges Israel to turn away from a policy of creating "Bantustans" on the West Bank. (WP)
  • Close Call: ABC news anchor/dreamboat Chris Cuomo was unhurt Tuesday after the convoy of military police he was riding with in Iraq was struck by a roadside bomb. Some of the soldiers suffered minor injuries in the attack, ABC said. The convoy of four heavily armored Humvees was going to check a report of a burning vehicle in northwest Baghdad when booby-trapped bodies left by the side of the road exploded. (AP)
  • Recreational Boners: The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is suing Pfizer Inc. for promoting its impotence drug Viagra as a lifestyle and sexual enhancement tool. The organization told Reuters that Pfizer's marketing has encouraged risky behavior and a surge in HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. In a draft of legal documents, the California-based nonprofit said, "Pfizer has created and contributed to the perception of Viagra as a safe, sexy, lifestyle, recreational drug, to be frequently used regardless of the degree, or even existence of [erectile dysfunction]." This seems a little bit like having your cake and eating it, too. Just because there are companies that produce guns doesn't mean you have to shoot. (Advocate)
  • Getting Slavvy: Croation Water Polo, anyone? (Towleroad)
  • RIP: Doug Blasdell, one of the trainers on Bravo’s reality show "Work Out," was hospitalized over this weekend and died unexpectedly on Monday. He was just 44. No word on the cause of death. I lost interest in that series pretty early on, but I do recall him being one of the nicer people on it. May he rest in peace. (AfterElton)
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