Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Page 1 Consider (01/16)

  • If He'd Been a Snake: The media is having a field day trying to figure out the story of Shawn Hornbeck, who recently turned up after 4 1/2 missing. New revelations about his computer access and e-mail messages he may have sent to his parents' Find Shawn Hornbeck Foundation (damn spam filter!) add yet another bizarre angle to the already-bizarre case. While Shawn's return is indeed great news, I sure hope his parents are prepared for what comes next. Lest we forget the fate of "I Know My First Name Is Steven" Stayner (or his serial killer brother). And does anyone even care about what became of Queenie? (AP)
  • Return to Sender: "Transsexual Postal Worker Convicted of Hiding Mail": somehow I'm guessing this isn't the first thing she's ever hid -- or the most important. (PinkNews)
  • Prisoner of Love: She makes it sound like she's the only person to ever fall for a guy with an electronic ankle bracelet before. (NYT)
  • Heads Roll: And all this time I thought hanging people was supposed to be humane. (WP)
  • NF(YEL)L: Jean Strahan got $15.3 million and she's still arguing with her Giants defensive end ex, Michael Strahan? (AP)
  • Almost Forgotten? Am I just getting old, or did the idea of writing for Rolling Stone used to seem a lot more exciting than it does now? (No need to answer that.) (NYT)
  • Wrong Turn: The queers aren't happy with the Dems' choice of Harold Ford to head the Democratic Leadership Council, citing his poor record on issues that impact gay and lesbian voters in America. (GayWired)
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    Anonymous said...

    Your transexual postal worker entry reminded me of a story that the local NBC affiliate ran last week on their evening news about a tranny who was murdered by her boyfriend.

    The reporter was a guy who usually covers humor stories like snow storms. My gf and I sat with mouths agape at what can best be described as parody. You can check out the video here.

    Maybe I'm being touchy, I don't know. But it seemed totally disrespectful to Diamond and her family.