Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sniffing Around Lukas Podolski

Because it's in German, I have no idea (wink) what this advertisement featuring Polish German soccer stud Lukas Podolski is all about. I'm hoping that if I watch it another dozen times I will eventually figure it all out ...


Anonymous said...

Dear Ken,

consider your plea for enlightenment in this matter heeded:

Lukas Podolski drowses himself with the latest fragrance of Axe (which is a mainstream body spray with deodorizing properties that retails under the name of Linx in the UK), puts on a clean t-shirt in order to encapsule his "male" odours within the fibres of the fabric. The female staff of the Axe production line are destined to pack these "used and worn" t-shirts for the benefit of Mr. Podolski´s fans. But before they can manage to seal the pack, they are overcome by the highly erotic mixture of male testosteron and the Axe scent.

The message being:

You too can achieve women fainting in your wake, as long as you put on a splash of Axe.

I don´t think gay men have been considered as a target group for this product, bearing in mind that it could easily be used as an
anti-assault spray. It´s vapours alone would scare off any attacker and if exposed for too long, would most certainly render the culprit unconscious. That, of course, being a matter of opinion.

The delightful image of Lukas Podolski´s most handsome body, however, is for free and may even be sampled without the "Axe Effect".

I hope, I didn´t sound too patronizing and too much of a wise-crack ?!

Keep up the good work and have a smashing new year !!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

LOL ... all I could think was - if he sprays at the beginning of a "shift" how long does that "stuff" last ... and is THAT overpowering? My, my .. what they won't try to sell us!!

Great blog!!! Have a wonderful New Year, with excitment, you, laughter and surprises at every turn!!!

>HUGE bear hug< ...

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it's about either (wink-wink) ...