Tuesday, December 19, 2006

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  • Who's Sari Now? When I first heard the headline -- Female Athlete Fails Gender Test, Must Give Back Olympic Medal -- I thought, "Holy Renee Richards! Way to go, Tranny, for pulling it off this far!" But now that I saw the details -- that this poor Indian woman, Santhi Soundarajan, 25, was not only born a female, but may actually have failed the chromosome test because of her impoverished upbringing -- now that's just sorry. To the Olympic Committee I say -- Give this woman a break -- and let her keep the medal she earned. (CBS)

  • 'Chosen' Idiots: Only a complete dumbass like Mel Gibson would describe his anti-Semitic tirade as a "gift." Perhaps Shoshanna's Matches would like to fix him up with disgraceful book publisher Judith Regan -- they sound like they deserve each other. (Scoop)

  • Assault on America: It just never ends. Did you hear about Sen. Sam Brownback, of Kansas, blocking the Senate confirmation of a woman to the federal bench because she attended a same-sex commitment ceremony for the daughter of her longtime neighbors? Then he said he would allow a vote if Judge Janet Neff, of Michigan, agreed to recuse herself from all cases involving same-sex unions. Who does that jackass think he is? Legal scholars are warning that this threat raises constitutional questions of separation of powers for a senator to demand that a judge commit to behavior on the bench in exchange for a vote. Why is it that supposedly rational people think they can make outrageous demands of people when it comes to gay and lesbian issues? What if Neff had had a really bad experience selling her house. Would Brownback try to blackmail her into agreeing to never hearing cases that involve real estate transactions? This dick needs to be removed from office. Who is ready to join me? (NYT)

  • Tumor Removal: It's being reported that the first lady of vehicular manslaughter, Laura Bush, had a skin cancer tumor removed from her right shin in early November. Now if she could only get that 200-pound tumor she's been lugging around for 30 years. (AP)

  • RIP: The talented Joseph Barbera, an innovator of animation who teamed with William Hanna to give generations of young television viewers a pantheon of beloved characters, including Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and the Flintstones, died Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 95. Thanks for all the laughs. (NYT)

  • Death on the Mount: As much as I deplore the round-the-clock "news" coverage channels like CNN have been giving to this story about the missing hikers in Oregon, I was sad to hear that they had found the body of one of them. Amazingly, despite all the media attention I had no idea that one of the missing climbers was a transsexual. (NYP)

  • Bush Me to the Edge: Big surprise -- the joint chiefs of staff disagree with the White House on adding troops in Iraq. How much (more) taxpayer money was wasted on that Iraq Study Group report? I give up -- I'll marry a woman, bomb an abortion clinic, and have gay sex with an evangelical preacher. Are you happy now, Mr. President???? (WP)

  • Workplace Discrimination: A suit was filed in a federal court in Texas after a new hire at a medical imaging company saw her employment offer withdrawn because she did not tell the company she was transgender. Izza Lopez, 26, of Houston, will be represented by Lambda Legal in a trial against River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic. According to the statement, Lopez said she applied for the position as a scheduler with the company. After applying, going through the screening process, and being interviewed, she was asked to start as soon as possible in October 2005. Days after she was hired, however, she received a call from River Oaks' human resources director and employment recruiter, telling her the company was not going to employ her because she misrepresented herself as a woman. I understand the screening process was handled by a woman who had filed suit against River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic who was represented by the American Council for the Blind. (Advocate)

  • Violent Femmes: A new FBI report says that violent crime is up 4 percent for the first half of 2006. Truthfully, I'm not surprised. I know I'm ready to kill someone. (WP)

  • Bloody Santa: A bizarre stabbing briefly interrupted holiday shopping Sunday evening at Sherwood Mall in Stockton, Calif., but it was back to business as usual less than an hour later. According to police, an altercation between two men at the Whimsy Family Entertainment arcade led to a vicious knife attack. The victim suffered both lacerations and stab wounds but is expected to recover, police said. After the stabbing, several eyewitnesses said, rather than escape, the attacker wandered around the mall, dripping blood and trailing a cleaver-style knife over to Sunglass Hut, where he smashed open the glass counter and grabbed a pair of sunglasses before heading for Best Buy. When they didn't have the Xbox he was looking for he left and was eventually being tackled to the ground. What are "the holidays" coming to? I thought stuff like this only happened when there were $30 DVD players to be had. (RecordNet)
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