Friday, October 27, 2006

Photo Flashback: 1975

Here's a photo of me, my little sister, Jennifer, and our cousin Sara Elizabeth Kearney. We were in D.C. for my mom's cousin Susan's wedding around Christmas time that year, and here we are on the staircase of my Aunt Dianne's townhouse in Herndon, Va. This was the last time we ever saw Sara. Her dad (my Uncle Patrick) was (bitterly) divorced from Sara's mom shortly thereafter, and everyone lost touch with that part of the family. If by some strange chance you see this, Sara, or your brother (Sean) sees it, I'd love to hear from either of you.
(Notice my beloved Oscar Mayer wiener ring on my right hand. A few summers later I lost that ring while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on a visit to my great aunt and uncle's place in Rehobeth Beach, Del., and it nearly destroyed my family's summer vacation!)

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Steve Reed said...

I bet you could find one of those rings on eBay. If you still miss it, that is.