Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How Convenient

Lawyer Says Foley Was Molested As a Teen

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Former Rep. Mark Foley's attorney said Tuesday that his client was molested between the ages 13 and 15 by a clergyman.

Foley had represented the West Palm Beach district for 12 years and was seeking re-election until his sudden resignation last week after the disclosure of lurid online communications with teenage congressional pages.

''This is part of his recovery,'' Roth said, declining to identify the clergyman or the church.

Roth also announced for the first time that Foley is gay.

He insisted Foley never had sexual contact with a minor.


Anonymous said...

Foley was molested. So?

Foley is gay. So?

Foley is in rehab. So?

The question remains: why did a REPUBLICAN go after a 16 year old when he is 54 years old?

The safety of your CHILDREN: Republicans do not care!
Vote them out this November 2006.

Anonymous said...

Well, that explains it. He obviously can't be held responsible for his own actions because he didn't have a perfect childhood. Poor little fella!

Steve Talbert said...

The main question remains,, why did the GOP 'leadership' cover all of this up? They forbid him to have further contact, yet didn't even bother to read the email??!!

This exposes their moral bankrupcy and why they are trying so hard to seem pious.. they are hypocrits.

It is important to remember that Foley's bill that Bush signed made contact via the Internet with anyone UNDER 18 in order to meet up for sex a federal crime. They specifically chose to override individual state statutes and make 'minors' anyone under 18. So he could actually have had sex with a 16 or 17 year old in DC and the guy not be a minor under 'state' law, but the federal law would override it if they met through the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Having watched the video of Foley's attorney, it's clear to me that he defense has adopted the McGreevey model for its message: (1) borrow liberally from Bill W. and the 12 steps to explain yourself; (2) tell the world that you're now proud to be gay, or a "gay American."

Don't get me wrong; these men's sins are dstinctively different, but their defenses are soundng as formula as the gay-basher who cries 'homosexual panic."

Derek said...

Where is Chris Hansen when you need him??