Monday, September 25, 2006

My Friend Flickr

I'm going to be getting a very late start blogging today, if at all. You can thank my friend Flickr (it's so addictive): I was scanning photos until 4 a.m., which included rescanning most of them after my computer crashed halfway through it all. I gotta hit the sack for now. Since there's not a lot of new stuff posted, if you're at all interested here are the four new sets I created last night:

Dobson High School years (1982-85)


Leonard said...

You friend in the top pic looks like that know...the one who usually got carried out on a couch by a bunch of fine guys?? dang, I forget her name..judy? ...something...

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Yes, that's Judy Tenuta: Love Goddess, Fashion Saint, Princess of Panty Shields and Empress of Elvis Impersonators!

Check out her hilarious blog here.