Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Manhattan Photologue

New York doesn't have 7-Elevens, so imagine how excited a kid from the suburbs like me was to see this grand opening in Times Square yesterday! And what a perfect day for a Slurpee ...

Nearby, Burger King has just re-opened as a high-speed Internet Burger King. Kudos to the new general manager for waking up from the coma he slipped into back in '99.

I was in the bathroom at work and I couldn't help but imagine how hilarious this Man vs. Paper Dispenser scene must have been.

In case you were wondering: I've had a camera in my cell phone for over a year (that's why the phone weighs 13 pounds) but I never knew how to use it -- until now.


Anonymous said...

mona must have been trying to keep all the slurpees for herself, because she apparently didn't tell you that a 7-Eleven opened on 23rd just on the other side of park a while ago

Anonymous said...

Well, this is exciting. I can finally try a Slurpee. Growing up in Queens, I never saw a 7-Eleven. They're out on the Island, but they're just what you drive past on the way to the beach.