Monday, July 03, 2006

Hey, Baby! It's the 4th of July ...

I hope you're having a wonderful long Fourth of July weekend. Michael and I went to see the Mets get clobbered by the Yankees last night in da Bronx, but still had a great time despite the thrashing David Wright and the Boys got.
All holidays deserve a great song and while the 4th isn't really known for its music, I leave you with the greatest July 4th song ever recorded, fittingly called "4th of July" by the seminal Los Angeles punk band X.
Listen to it here (you'll love it).


Jef said...

I watched the third inning at Manuals last night, and it was quite a sight--not something you see every day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth, you're doing an awesome job "babysitting" over @ Towleroad...Peace

Dan M said...

Dave Alvin, formerly of the Blasters, wrote that song. It's on a couple of his solo efforts. Great song.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Dan M --
Yes, Dave complements them really well (hence the success of the Knitters).

Would you believe I saw the Blasters open for the Go-Go's back in '82?!

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