Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Page 1 News (05/31)

  • Separated at birth: Ryan Seacreast and Jeffrey Dahmer. (PerezHilton)

  • Big, Angry Love: A woman who was thrown out of a commune built around the ideals of nonviolence, conflict resolution and open relationships is being sought in connection with the shooting of one of the group's founders late Monday night, law enforcement officials said yesterday. The woman had been stalking Jeff Gross for years, having accused him of rape and forcing members of the group to marry illegal immigrants. Her campaign "was conducted via fliers, graffiti and a Web site full of salacious accusations." (SIAdvance)

  • Splitting Hairs? Actress Elizabeth Taylor scoffed on Tuesday at recent tabloid reports that she is gravely ill or suffering from Alzheimer's disease but acknowledged using a wheelchair because of chronic back pain. (I used to freelance at Us Weekly: so those aren't the same thing?) (Reuters)

  • Kane and 'Able': Batwoman returns to DC Comics as a lipstick lesbian. I'm guessing she'll be hanging out at the Hung Jury then. (PinkNews)

  • Playing House (and Senate): Dutch pedophiles to launch political party (Reuters)

  • The Hills -- Hollywood, that is: Lauren "L.C." Conrad returns with her long-awaited "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" spinoff -- and not a minute too soon. Her roommate Heidi sounds like a real winner. (WP)


    Anonymous said...

    Dahmner!? Oh my Dog, now I'll never be able to lust for Ryan again.

    Anonymous said...

    Seacrest!? Cripes, now I'll never be able to lust for Jeffery again!

    Bag Lady said...

    I'm so excited for The Hills, hope you enjoy