Thursday, May 25, 2006

Page 1 News (05/25)

  • Granny Grifters: Los Angeles police have arrested two elderly women on mail fraud charges for allegedly luring two homeless men into a life-insurance scam. The men turned up dead in still- unresolved hit and run cases; the women were $2.2 million richer after collecting on their life insurance policies. (NPR)

  • Risque Parties in the Rectory: A bitchy gay priest in Darien, Conn., has skipped town after investigators figured out he'd used parish funds on a lavish lifestyle that included wild parties, cruises, limousine rides, fancy dinners and homes on the Upper East Side and in Florida, which he shared with another man. Well, what did you expect a girl to do on $28,000 a year in the richest city in America? (NYT)

  • There Goes the Gayborhood: The Chelsea section of Manhattan used to be the epicenter of gay life on the Eastern Seaboard, now it's been taken over by those straight people, and the body count just keep growing. (NYP and NYP)

  • An American in Paris? Tennis stud Andy Roddick injured his foot yesterday during a World Team Cup match in Duesseldorf and now his chances for playing next week's French Open are looking bleak. (AP)

  • Rum and Tab: A new study shows that mixed drinks made with diet sodas or mixers get you drunker and do it quicker. Yet another reason to try not to be a fattie. (NMN)

  • Pretty in Pink: The parents of 18-year-old senior Kevin Logan, a self-described gay "drag queen," said they were weighing legal action against Gary West High School Principal Diane Rouse for her order barring Logan from last Friday's prom in Gary, Indiana. If a drag queen can't go to her prom in Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, -- not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but -- Gary, Indiana, then where can she? (UPI)

  • MySpace Strikes, Again! A 45-year-old high school teacher at a Catholic school in Las Vegas was fired when his MySpace profile revealed his taste in music, movies -- and men. (LVS)

  • The X Factor: Aussie Hugh Jackman is so hot in the new "X Men" movie that they're making a spinoff based around his Wolverine character. (Age)

  • Oliver Stone Presents: Geritol spokesman Taylor Hicks wins "American Idol" and it's the least surprising thing since the outcome of a "Three's Company" episode. So let's make up a scandal. (WP)

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