Friday, May 05, 2006

Page 1 News (05/05)

  • Surprise! The White House Easter egg roll had a surprise guest this year. ( via Towleroad)

  • Venus Rising?: How sad that some sports publications are calling Venus Williams' 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 victory over Martina Hingis at the Warsaw Open "stunning" and an "upset." Um, hasn't Hingis been off the tour for three years and isn't Williams the reigning Wimbledon champion? Guess it just shows how far the Williamses have fallen in the eyes of the sports world. (Sportal)

  • Make It Stop: Senate Passes $109 Billion Emergency-Spending Bill / Thank God fiscal conservatives are running this country. (WP)

  • Cruise Control: Could anyone actually want to see that midget freak's new movie? (EW)

  • Wild Things: In what is billed as an exclusive interview on, Denise Richards denies she was involved with Richie Sambora, the estranged husband of Heather Locklear, before Locklear and the rocker split. Did anyone say she was? I thought everyone just thought she was a dirtbag for hooking up with her friend's ex, plain and simple. (Chicago Trib)
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