Thursday, May 04, 2006

Page 1 News (05/04)

  • 9-11 Inches: Moussaoui Gets Life in Prison / Wait till he gets a few uninvited Twin Towers up his ass in the slammer. Let's see how "terrifying" he is then. (WP)

  • 020-DENTIST: The first gay couple to marry in a civil partnership in Birmingham, England, are hoping to be the first gay couple to be jointly elected as local councilors. Not a bad idea as I'm thinking modeling probably wasn't their other option. (PinkNews)

  • Happy Birthday -- Again: 'World's oldest person' turns 128 / "Oh, a cake and balloons. How original." (Reuters)

  • Our Next Guest Is a Repeat Offender: I love how being a child molester is like being a guest on a talk show now. (NBC)

  • Fat Chance: The beverage industry has agreed to voluntarily remove high-calorie soft drinks from all schools. It's a start, but from the look of the kids in my neighborhood, it's going to take a lot more than getting sodas out of this generation's hands to keep this country from being crushed under the weight of an obesity epidemic that will certainly bankrupt the Medicaid-Medicare systems before long (pun intended). (WP)

    Anonymous said...

    Wow. You just had to give grief to the two Brits for not being hot? You couldn't keep your claws to yourself on that one, huh? Meeeeeow!

    Anonymous said...

    Gay men are absolutely not the kind of airheaded nitwits who'd turn a cause for celebration into an attack on personal appearance.

    Er, wait a minute...

    Looks like the homophobes are right after all. Oh well.

    Anonymous said...

    Since when is running for city council a cause for celebration, John?