Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Behind the Orange Curtain

Four out of five of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reunited last night on Bravo (Kimberly was supposedly "on vacation" although various theories abound about the real reason she wasn't there). They showed clips from the show, gave updates on their families and talked about what being on a reality show had done to their lives. (Oh, and Jo gave Lauri dirty looks for dating Slade during their separation.)

Jeana Keough (above, with son Shane) -- who seems like a great woman -- was quick to mention that her son "Shane is not gay" but that "when you go on the blogs there's all these gay people who think he's gay, and it's been hard on him." I'm not really sure where she's getting her information or if she's reading into comments made by gay people. My blog comes up on top of a Google search of "Shane Keough" and neither I, nor any of the readers who have commented on here, have ever said any such a thing. (In fact, the only time I can remember Shane's being gay ever being discussed was when fellow "housewife" Jo -- who is straight -- asked Shane if he was gay on national television.) The only thing anyone on this gay blog has ever said about Shane is that he's a very handsome guy. Period. I'd like to think that we've reached a point in society where a guy could take a compliment -- whether it be from another man or a woman, yet I've had to delete repeated comments from so-called friends of Shane's who have written obscene remarks about gay people while proclaiming Shane's lack of gayness.
So grow up, people. It's just a blog and it's just for fun. I used to live in Huntington Beach years ago so I remember that long before it became a trendy setting for television shows Orange County had a very bad reputation as Los Angeles' narrow-minded and homophobic step sibling (anyone else remember when O.C. Congressman Bob Dornan's wife, Sally, screamed "Shut up, fag!" at an AIDS activist during an Orange County town hall meeting?). The O.C. has come a long way since those days -- or so I thought. Do you really want to return it to that ugly Dornan Era?

  • Shane photos via theshanelife

    Aethlos said...

    HELLO!... yes, well, if you track webstats, you'll notice i've linked to you before - re: shane's screencaps... and i surf you on occasion re same! Keep up the great work!...

    Anonymous said...

    Actually MY blog comes up first:-) Probably because I share Shane's first name, so either way she was talking about yours or my blog when she said that.

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Shane --
    After reading this comment about Google placement I began wondering if different people get different search results for some reason because it was not as you had said. I think I've solved the mystery, but tell me if I'm wrong.

    As I said in my post, when you search Shane Keough -- with or without quotes around it -- my site is the first blog that comes up. (Yours doesn't appear to come up with this search phrase at all, let alone first.)

    After playing around a bit, I finally got yours to come up (and first!)by searching "Shane Orange County."

    I write this because I was lost as to how we could be getting different results and now I think I know why.

    Keep up the good work,

    Anonymous said...

    Straight or gay! Who cares?
    He is yummy.