Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Remembering Larry Brickman

Readers know that we lost our sweet friend Larry Brickman earlier this year. Part of me still can't believe -- much less accept -- that this has really happened. I still keep expecting to run into my Lar (and his trademark grin) at Murray's Bagels on Eighth Avenue. I can't wait to tell him everything that's been going on the last two months. How badly I wish.

You can see how adorable his mug was for yourself by watching him when he appeared on CNNfn (so cute and so smart). I still smile every time I see his face.

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Jerri Blank said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful friend, it is so sad to know he is gone because he was such a special person who enriched so many lives. He will always be alive in your memories. My prayers to his mother.