Monday, March 27, 2006

The Corrections

When I was an editorial supervisor at PR Newswire, one of my favorite things was reading the corrections that went out over the wire. Truth be told, me and my staff were involved in several doozies, including the infamous Goldman Sachs story about their exec Chester Zara that ended up on the wire -- after some Spellcheck-ing gone awry -- as a story about Goddamn Sacks and its new employee Cheater Sara. Memories ...

So this Times correction made me smile (it happens to the best of 'em). As funny as the correction is, it's far funnier when you read what really appeared in the paper that led to this!

A brief art review in Weekend on March 3 about photographs by Anthony Lepore at the Marvelli Gallery in Chelsea described one work incorrectly. It shows a woman holding a minister's belt, not touching his ''exposed private parts.''

The original:
Though he claims not to be a set-up photographer who stages events for the camera, it's hard to believe that all of Anthony Lepore's shots are spontaneous. Among his pictures here are one of a couple having sex on a sofa, and one of a female parishioner grabbing the exposed private parts of an unruffled prelate who stands before her at a church pew.

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