Friday, February 24, 2006

Page 1 Consider (02/24)

  • You've Been Drudged: Matt Drudge's infamous technique brought a gay man to his knees yesterday. That's gotta be a first. (PinkNews)

  • What a Dick: In a classy move, the Dubai firm offered last night to delay part of its $6.8 billion deal to take over significant operations of six U.S. ports. Meanwhile, our clueless president had the balls to go on national television and say: "The more people learn about the transaction that has been scrutinized and approved by my government, the more they'll be comforted." Herein lies the problem with this president. (WP)

  • Napster 2: One of the largest eDonkey2000 P2P communities, Razorback2 has been shut down. The network, with more than 3 million users, has been switched off after a Federal Belgian Police raid. Razorback2's servers and a suspected administrator were seen being pushed into paddy-wagons. (After Dawn)

  • iDon'tGetMac: On Tuesday, security experts announced the discovery of another vulnerability in Apple's Mac OS X operating system. It is the third vulnerability found in less than a week. Security and antivirus firms have issued advisories classifying the flaw as "extremely critical." I work on a Mac and I just don't get it; Macs have to be least intuitive machines I've ever encountered. And I got an iPod for Christmas and it's already broken. What is the appeal? (CIO)

  • Kids E-mail the Darndest Things: Jennifer Schultens, an associate professor of mathematics at the University of California, Davis, received this e-mail message last September from a student in her calculus course: "Should I buy a binder or a subject notebook? Since I'm a freshman, I'm not sure how to shop for school supplies. Would you let me know your recommendations? Thank you!" To: Subject: Why It's All About Me (NYT)

  • Who Could Have Seen This Coming? Violent Cycle of Revenge Stuns Iraqis (NYT)

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    It is usually Drudge on his knees in front of a man