Friday, January 06, 2006

Morning Wood: Ryan Carnes

I hear cutie Ryan Carnes is on "Desperate Housewives" these days. I was taken with this twink in the 2004 gay farce "Eating Out," set in Tucson at the University of Arizona, which also starred his kissingmate above, Scott Lunsford.


bunny said...

Ryan is one hot guy. The character he plays on Desperate Housewives was makking out with Bree's son on the show tonight and was caught in bed with him too! So hot! TV censors sure have relaxed over the years!

Anonymous said...

They won't show kissing on "Will and Grace" but they'll show two underaged boys kissing on "Desparage Housewives." Are they trying to perpetuate the pedophellia stereotype?


Steve Talbert said...

I don't know what aarcher64 means about under age. Age of consent typically ranges from 16 to 18 in various states and is lower in a few. I don't know where Wysteria Lane is, other than it's filmed in LA.

Being in my 40s, I don't go for people much under 35, but the 2 guys seemed like cute kids. it was funny how Carnes seemed more surprised from being woken up rather than seeing Bree... lol

doncarter said...

Thanks for the pix !

love it... check out Ryan in "Surf School"... loads of great shirtless scenes with him...

thanks for the post, some pix there I haven't seen : ))

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