Tuesday, December 27, 2005

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  • Multiple Murder-Suicide: Fairfax Gunman's Rampage Detailed / I'm sure I would have done this long ago if I had red hair. (Washington Post)

  • Haunted by the 'Ghost': Character Actor Vincent Schiavelli dies at 57 / Maybe he can get that message to Sam. (IrelandOnline)

  • More or Less: Bush Seeks to Win More Battles in 2006 / Doesn't the word more imply that at least one battle was already won? (AP)

  • Best for Last? `King Kong' Nudges 'Narnia' at Box Office / I thought Hollywood saved the best films for the end of the year. So why is this weekend's Top 10 a list of movies I wouldn't see if my life depended on it? (AP)
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