Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New DVD Releases: Willow Hill

We sure had a nice Christmas. (I was particularly happy that I was able to get through an entire holiday gathering without anyone talking about how happy they'd be if they won the lottery.) Like every year, my family and friends were extremely generous and thoughtful with their presents, for which I am very appreciative. My brother Bill always seems to come up with the most creative gifts. This year, he had our family's 1970s Super 8 mm home movies transferred to DVD. For whatever reason, the camera saw heavy use from 1973 (when my mom married my stepfather, Gary) until my sister Jenn's 4th birthday in 1978. We moved to Arizona in 1979 (where there was actually something worth filming), but the camera was never used again. The footage is a real hoot, but the artwork my brother designed for the box (above) is even better than the video itself, capturing the full essence of the '70s.


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Anonymous said...

I can't SEE. Through the TEARS. That haven't stopped since I read the words, "A Gary Chilinski Joint."

I'm going to kill your brother, if I ever stop laughing.