Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Drama Queens

Maybe it's trendier to listen to Gwen, Kylie or Britney these days, but for my money, I stick with what works. The Bananarama gals have been making great pop music since I was a child. I remember my cool older brother coming home from college with the import 12-inch singles of "Really Saying Something" and "Shy Boy" and thinking these chicks were the funnest band ever. Twenty-five years later they sound better than ever, and somehow look as good as ever, too.

Although (212) fave Siobhan Fahey moved on ages ago (her new solo single kicks ass, too!), the duo of Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin have carried on the Bananarama tradition beautifully, culminating in their best album in a decade, the just-released "Drama."

From the opening track "Move in My Direction" (already a big hit in Europe) to the synth-dance follow-up single "Look on the Floor (Hynotic Tango)" and everything else on it, this CD is pure dance pop heaven.

Get your fill of "Drama" here.

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