Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Case for Gay Bashing

Just because someone's gay it does not inherently make him "fabulous," "gay fabulous," "hip," "stylish," "fashionable," "hilarious," "fun" or any of the other things that make you think you should hire an untalented embarrassment like Steven Cojocaru. (There, I feel much better.)

That said, I hope he fully recovers from his battle with kidney disease (and then is never on my TV screen again).


Steve said...

Who the heck is that??

Mike said...

For every stride forward Katie Couric has made for butt cancer getting her colon scoped while America eats its oatmeal, Steven Cojocaru has caused two steps back for organ donation. I'm ripping up my organ donor card and taking my kidneys to the the great beyond for fear they might end up in that nastyfashionnazibitch.

Of course, my bad wishes for his health are just as serious as your desire to bludgeon him.

Micah said...

Isn't that Wendy Liebman?

Anonymous said...

I will have nightmares about those teeth from here on out, thanks!

kf said...

seriously, those teeth look like they're gonna jump off the screen and kill people.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Micah, I think it might be the love child of Wendy Liebman and MacKenzie Philips.

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