Saturday, September 24, 2005

Penguin Pulls an Anne Heche

The seemingly happy home of Silo and Roy, the two male chinstrap penguins who had remained faithful and raised a child together, has come undone.

Although many in the community had their suspicions that Silo was one of those "fake gay penguins" — you know, just using Roy for the publicity of it all, but really straight — six years together and a Central Park Zoo co-op seemed to imply that the relationship was for keeps. Then Silo's eye began to wander, and last spring he forsook his longtime companion and took up (rather predictably) with a female, named Scrappy (or Home-wrecking Whore as I like to call her).

No word if Silo assumed his alter-ego Celestia and embarked on an Ecstasy-induced frenzy in Fresno after the breakup, although word has it that Scrappy is from the Golden State.

Full story: New Love Breaks Up a 6-Year Relationship at the Zoo (via The New York Times)

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