Friday, September 23, 2005

The Hunk on the Milk Carton

Ever wonder what happened to mid-'90s hottie Chris O'Donnell? I sure have.

Well, apparently he's already attempted and failed in a TV comeback that I didn't even know about:

The 2005-06 TV season, which is officially less than a week old, has claimed its first victim: FOX's legal drama "Head Cases."

FOX has pulled the show after just two airings, saying it has "had its last air date." The series, which starred Chris O'Donnell and Adam Goldberg as mismatched lawyers whose only common bond was time in a mental institution, got drilled in the ratings Wednesday (Sept. 21), primarily by ABC's "Lost" but also by "America's Next Top Model." (via

I thought "Head Cases" was the new Don Johnson show. Oh, well. We've always got the "Circle of Friends" DVD.

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tim said...

You are the third Ken(neth) Walsh that I now know. That name seems to be haunting me. Interesting blog. I'll be back.

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