Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Laguna Wipe-Out

"Laguna Beach" was a major disappointment this week.

I'm really confused by Alex M. She seems like she's about to start laughing every time she's on camera — even during emotional scenes like when she's angry or having boyfriend problems. Her friend Taylor actually confronted her about it when Alex was half-smiling as she talked about "how furious" she was at Jessica. ("Yeah, you seem real furious," Taylor mocked)

I can't decide if the show is completely scripted and she's just a bad actress, or if she's just a real kid who gets embarrassed going through things with a camera crew standing two feet away. Either way, it's kind of ruining the drama for me, hence why her "showdown" with Jessica didn't really have the pizzazz I was counting on.

Not to fret: Next week looks great as Kristin goes up to San Francisco to visit Stephen, only to break his heart once more.


show girl said...

i just caught the tail end of this week's laguna beach and i have a few questions:

-- don't those girls know the meaning of the word "stalk"? stalking would have been to drive up and sit across the street from the park watching the boys play basketball. it would not involve walking right up to them and standing there like dorks while the guys play basketball around them.

-- was i the only one who noticed that when alex m finally does get jason to leave the basketball court to talk to her, there's a shot of them both walking away and her ass is like twice as big as his. who told these girls that being fat is ok? it's not no matter how much money you have or how many reality tv shows you're on. if even the minorities are getting eating disorders right, there's no excuse for spoiled white girls from laguna.

Anonymous said...

i just watched laguna and i missed the part where the two rival sets of girls all became friends. it seems like now kristin and her sidekick are now best buddies with alex and her crowd and that jessica had also been assimilated until she hooked up with jason and now she is being ostracized. i can understand why kristin and co. are tired of hearing jessica whine about jason but they certainly did move into the other crowd pretty fast. i'm also confused as to why these girls all let jason walk all over them and then fight with each other about it. he just emotionally abuses them all and then acts like he's a victim of circumstance and they each keep coming back for more.

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