Thursday, September 22, 2005

Floozy in the 1st Degree

As if we needed this, further proof that Scott Peterson's galpal and Gloria Allred's main bitch, Amber Frey, is a pretty much the stupid whore we all thought she was:

The massage therapist former mistress of convicted murderer Scott Peterson is back in the spotlight after a DNA test showed that her first child was not fathered by the man who was paying child support.

Anthony Flores, 29, has been paying Frey $175 a month for nearly four years, his attorney, Glenn Wilson, said Wednesday. The father of the 4-year-old girl is actually Christopher Funch, the owner of the Fresno restaurant/bar Porky's, Wilson said.

Honestly, though. How is she supposed to keep track of these kind of things? Somehow I'm certain that if Amber is involved, this whole thing will have a happy ending.

(Porky's. Huh-huh.)

Full story: Out of the Freying Pan (via The Daily News)

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