Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Drawing the Line at 36,000 Feet

Apparently flight attendants don't mind having their $21,500 annual salary cut by 15 percent every other week in "wage concessions" to keep their pilots living high on the hog, but don't you dare say they're rude:

Unions that represent flight attendants are upset with the portrayal their members receive in the movie “Flightplan,” starring Jodie Foster, and are calling for a boycott of the film.

On Tuesday, the Association of Flight Attendants denounced the film’s depiction of airplane crew members as “rude, unhelpful and uncaring,” according to a statement issued by the union, which represents 80,000 flight attendants at a number of airlines. “We will tell Hollywood that this disrespect to our profession is not going to fly,” said Patricia Friend, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants.

They're calling for a boycott of the film, but I would have thought the fact that Foster made the exact same film in 2002 ("Panic Room") would have been enough to stop people from going. I love the fact that Jodie Foster isn't even trying to pretend not to be a butch anymore: Her character's name in this Mile High Misadventure? Kyle.

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Jaked said...

Try flying QANTAS. Biggest bunch of rude pricks in the air. They're famous in Oz for it. People write long winded jokes about their lack of service. Besides, who cares what a hostitute thinks?

Remember, you meet fewer rude bastards riding a motorcycle.