Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Company You Keep

This week's "Open Bar" left me shaking my head, saying, "Oh, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler."

I may not be a licensed therapist, but it sure seems like our hunky hero is overcompensating for living in the closet for 34 years by going a bit far embracing his "lifestyle," his "people" and the "healing" effects of "coming home"(!) to West Hollywood (his words). (His volunteerism is rather sweet, though.)

And at the risk of sounding like Tyler Robuck's overprotective older brother (who happens to look considerably younger), I'd say that he sure could use a new set of playmates:

1. Benjamin (pictured in red-collar shirt) is billed as Tyler's "ex-boyfriend," although it's clear the so-called relationship lasted a matter of weeks, possibly days. His bio says he makes his living as a dancer and model, yet it doesn't say a thing about who put him up to wearing those makeshift clam diggers fashioned out of a pair of jeans he rolled up to go to the Boom Boom Room. Tyler says that the two of them are very close, yet Benjamin seems to roll his eyes at the notion that there was ever anything between them. Benjamin also said that he never loved Tyler, he just loved "the idea" of who Tyler was (huh?). He also dissed Tyler on a weekend getaway to Laguna Beach by cruising a bar's doorman and carrying on with a stripper. Bad news.

2. Yawar's (pictured with messy bangs in pink shirt) bio describes him as "the young, hip, club-goer type and Genereal (sic) Manager of iCandy." He, on the other hand, describes himself as "the pretty one." (Obviously the construction delays at the iCandy site have prevented any mirrors from being hung up yet.) Every time Yawar comes on the screen he whines and then he whines some more, and he doesn't ever seem to be doing any work. I don't see how Tyler can stand to be in the same room with this one.

3. Tyrone (pictured black guy) is billed as "a professional dancer and Tyler's new roommate in West Hollywood." He seems like a nice enough guy, but he doesn't really seem to have anything in common with Tyler. And surely Tyrone could find better use for his talents than teaching our hitherto butch Tyler how to "queen out" periodically. And Tyler: aren't you a little long in the tooth to have a roommate, anyway?

So speaking only as Tyler's concerned brother (who, um, just happens to want him), I just hope our Tyler has some cool friends who just aren't shown on the series.

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Anonymous said...

i agree and tyler is way hot