Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Booty Wake-Up Call

Doctors are seeing a sharp increase in eating disorders among minority women, reports The New York Times, and I couldn't be any happier:

Dr. Gayle Brooks said experts traditionally had thought that "anorexia and bulimia didn't happen to black, Asian or Hispanic women, that they were somehow immune."

"Curvy African-American women were celebrated," Dr. Brooks said. "These girls didn't experience anxiety and shame about their bodies. Being curvy or large was a source of pride within the African-American community." (Anyone who's ever watched "The Jerry Springer Show" can certainly verify this is true.)

Allow me to be the first to say welcome — and good luck with it.

Full article: Blacks Join the Eating-Disorder Mainstream (via The New York Times)

1 comment:

lz said...

Ah, see, any old passerby would automatically assume you were mocking the situation, but I know the truth! Hee hee!

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