Friday, June 28, 2024

Remains of the Day (06/28)

Federal authorities conducted a search back in Wolf's Manhattan apartment back in April, where prosecutors said they found an SD card containing hundreds of videos of child porn. The footage allegedly contained children as young as infants, with one depicting a 10-year-old child bound and raped by a man, prosecutors said.

Village Preservation: My Fisher-Price Village has some wonderful competition!

Speedo Sunday: He Tarzan, me game

Trailer Trash: Because I can't think of something the world needs more right now than a Faye Dunaway documentary, warts 'n' all! 

RIP: Very sad to read that the great Martin Mull, whom I've loved in countless things since I was a child ("Fernwood 2 Night," "Serial," "Clue," "The Larry Sanders Show," "The Cool Kids" and especially as Leon on "Roseanne") has died at 80. Thanks for all the laughs. xo

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Jaradon said...

Anyone who enjoys watching children getting tortured is evil and deserves to rot in jail