Monday, October 23, 2023

Lies, Damn Lies and Critics

This is just a little reminder -- to myself, more than anyone -- that while critics, reviews and your friends' opinions can be useful, sometimes you just need to judge a work of entrainment for yourself.

Yesterday I received this (much-appreciated) message from my friend Greg:
Has anyone watched the new Frasier? It's just as sharp and funny as the original... and crazy to think he's played this same character for 40 years
To which I replied:
We JUST watched and thought the exact same thing. EVERY review said it was unbearable -- to the point that we weren’t even going to bother. So boy were we surprised at how enjoyable it is.
Meanwhile, I FINALLY watched “Sophie’s Choice” in its entirety -- you know, the Oscar-winning adaptation of the acclaimed novel. The world really needed the plight of a non-Jewish person targeted by Nazis to be better known. 🙄
To which he replied:
One of my favorite jokes was Frasier trying to decide on a sofa saying it’s a real “Sofa's choice.” Is that why you watched the movie? You didn’t get the reference?


Jack Cutmore-Scott is adorable as the grownup Freddy, acting as a Martin 2.0. Anders Keith is spot-on as David Crane, son of Niles and Daphne. And Frasier's collogues Olivia and Alan -- played by Toks Olagundoye and Nicholas Lyndhurst -- are both sharp and hilarious. 

But with headlines like: Review: ‘Frasier’ Returns, Tossed, Scrambled and Eggscruciating, it feels like people are going out of their way to dislike the show -- NYT critic James Poniewozik is pretending to hold against it that Frasier did eventually become a TV star because he'd turned down the opportunity ... in 2004(!) and that Freddy outgrew being a nerd, because that's never happened(!) -- in an attempt to go viral with the wittiest takedown. 

Although we probably don't need 11 new seasons of it, here's hoping the latest incarnation of "Frasier" sticks around for a while -- or at least as long as it would like to. Others may -- and have -- disagree. But I'm happy I gave it a shot. 


Jaradon said...

Love the original- have not seen this yet but yeah critics over praise some films look at "Killer of the Flower Moon" which need 3 1\2 hours to reveal the shocking news that white people killed Native Americans! Wow you learn something new every day . I do agree with you about Jack Cutmore-Scott

GC said...

I just watched the first episode over the weekend, and thought the same thing!! I watched it honestly out of boredom (based on some clearly biased reviews), and fell in love with it. It feels like a natural continuation of the characters life. That is something I never really felt from other reboots. Hopefully, the writers will keep in on track because it really is a great show.

Greggory said...

I missed Niles. He was always my fave. Was gobsmacked at how good Kelsey Grammer looked. The plot did have me guessing and guessing wrong many times.
Wish it continued on network tv rather than streaming. I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of most streaming services.

Jinxy said...

Used to like Frasier until I read that Kelsey is a crazy Republican Trump supporter.