Monday, October 30, 2023

CBC Investigation Says Buffy Sainte-Marie Has Falsely Claimed Her Native Identity


While to the average American Buffy Sainte-Marie may sound like the funnest drag queen ever, I'm told by a reader Up North that she's anything but:
Not sure if this is making much news in the US, but here in Canada is an expose of Buffy. It’s painful for many of us here because she is such an icon and trailblazer but the fraud seems irrefutable. Journalistically, I think this episode is a tour de force.
Watch here:


Opinion by Daniel Sims: Buffy Sainte-Marie and adoption 

Many, including the Piapot First Nation, are pointing to the fact that she was adopted by Emile Piapot and Clara Starblanket Piapot.

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Billdp said...

Thanks for the link to Buffy Sainte-Marie. It's shocking to say the least.

JD said...

This is impressive journalism, and as a librarian, it was great to see such thorough use of primary sources. I started this video thinking the story would be similar to Elizabeth Warren's--a white person who believed family tales about Indian ancestry. But making it up entirely and threatening to defame people who told the truth is so much viler than anything I thought I would hear. Thanks for sharing this, Kenneth.

CSF said...

Her rebuttal yesterday was brilliant. Cultural appropriation is the norm for adopted children. They adopt mannerisms, habits and knowledge from their adoptive families openly and with love. This appropriation shares stories, histories and family love whether you are birth child or adoptive one. CBC has fallen on hard times with this low level journalism that so easily is relinked causing so much harm. Her music is hers, her songs are hers, her loving family is where's the issue here?

VRCooper said...

I did not know who Buffy Sainte-Marie was until now.

The last five minutes of the video was a gut punch.

My opinion was that there was no child abuse. This was her way of telling the family to back off. You are ruining my "legacy" and source of income. I am saddened to see that the father is not here to put a fine point on the discussion. I give the sister a standing ovation to come out of the shadows and defend her father. I have lived long enough to know that some people will stoop to this. Disparaging a family that has lovingly raised you.

It is a tired old story of what people will do for fame and money.

Thanks for posting the video.

Unknown said...

She built her brand by repurposing the horrors that others faced as her own. And doing it in redface, using dark makeup dying her hair. Her son has stated on his FB that she did this because she stuck out as half italian with a big nose back in the 50s.