Monday, September 18, 2023

Remains of the Day (09/18)

Washington BladeMan charged in 2019 D.C. gay MURDER sentenced to 16 years -- while Danny Masterson, obviously a horrific monster, gets 30 for two rapes. (I will never understand the U.S. "justice" system.) 

Manspread MondayA little wider, please

Hot Cat of the Day: It probably won't shock you to learn that Shoe is the first relationship Carrie Bradshaw has ever been in that I approve of! 

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Bill said...

I saw Garbo once walking around the Upper East Side in the late 70's. I had seen a recent picture of her so I knew what she looked like. We followed her at a respectful distance and she did indeed go to the apartment building at the end of 52nd Street. I considered it the Holy Grail of celebrity sightings.