Thursday, September 07, 2023

Remains of the Day (09/07)

Hot Cat of the Day: Cutest fare evader ever!


VRCooper said...

I have seen that commercial with Josh on a continuous loop here in Denver. I have no idea who Josh is. I thought he was just a guy in the commercial with a football uniform on. I thought the same thing you did- why don't those folks in the house invite them in. I can suspend reality to a certain point.

I am a lover of commercials. But to me, these days some are just plain stupid. As you say "they don't track."

Now if I see that commerical one more time of the women who had 9 UTIs in the last month I am going to scream. And her "partner" just standing there smiling. He is cute as a button though. I swear they changed the line from "my husband." I want to tell her about my experience working in urology for 6 years and why she has had so many UTIs. I used to remind women often that they have to wipe from front to back. Ecoli is the main cause of UTIs. I know, I know, TMI.

Jack said...

Josh Allen just might make me a sportsball fan.