Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Age Isn't Just a Number

Yikes. So I'm three years older than the oldest person on here and 17 years older than the youngest?!!!

*Although it sort of looks like a seven, I believe the number under Rue McClanahan is a one, because she turned 51 the year "The Golden Girls" premiered. 


Edgar_Carpenter said...

Yes, well, I turn seventy fucking two this week, and it's still a surprise when I notice my age. And yes, it's not at all just a number, as my joints and other parts tell me daily. But my life's ok, and I have friends here now (I moved to Guadalajara four years ago), and I still get pounced a lot - but seventy fucking two. Very strange.

Bill said...

Flo and Alice are a bit of a shock. I thought they were in their 50's.