Monday, August 07, 2023

William Friedkin, Director of ‘Boys in the Band,' 'Cruising,' 'French Connection’ and ‘Exorcist,’ Dies at 87

By now you've probably heard that filmmaker William Friedkin has died at the age of 87

Here are some memorable thoughts about the acclaimed director of "The Boys in the Band," "Cruising," "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist" I've seen online since the news broke:

Ellen Burstyn realizing she can’t help her daughter in The Exorcist. That bone-chilling ending of Cruising. The phone game in Boys in the Band. The chicken wing moment in Killer Joe. That chase in The French Connection. Even Jade is a wild trashy blast. This guy was a master in terror who directed countless actors towards their greatest performances. RIP William Friedkin.

My sister-in-law in Washington:

RIP William Friedkin, known to most people as the director of "The French Connection" but beloved in DC for making a staircase in Georgetown a renowned tourist attraction.

Watch him visit it HERE.

The last two paragraphs of William Friedkin’s memoir. He lived a long life and provided us with some of the most incredible stories ever told. A crushing loss.

there will never be another William Friedkin -- he was the definition of an iconoclast, told it like it was and was decidedly stubborn down to the bitter end he leaves behind a career of great films, even a few bonafide masterpieces, but also a lot of perfect interviews RIP

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Jaradon said...

He preserved that perfect cast on " The Boys in the Band"