Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Remains of the Day (08/08)

The SunDark past of Richard Robin, mom of five Rachel Morin's boyfriend, emerges as he slams trolls after missing woman's body found

Daily Beast: Maybe it's because I've been obsessed with "Jaws" since I was a little boy in elementary school, after my step aunt (inappropriately) took my brothers and me to see it at the movies in a double feature with "The Owl and the Pussycat" when I was 8. (Miss Blackburn was so moved by my enthusiasm she gave me her shark poster at the end of the school year in second grade and Miss Jackson let me do an oral presentation about "The Jaws Log" in third.) But I must say "The Shark Is Broken" -- which depicts the on-set tensions between actors Robert Shaw and a young Richard Dreyfuss, with Roy Scheider running interference -- is the most enjoyable play I've ever seen on Broadway. Co-written and starring Shaw's son Ian Shaw, the play is smart, engaging, unpretentious and above all, hilarious. Read an interview with the leads -- Ian Shaw, Colin Donnell and Alex Brightman -- HERE.

Hot Cat of the Day: Celebrating International Cat Day with bedhead and my No. 1 feline! 


James said...

Amen re the neck tattoo. I can’t wait for the day when that particular fad has faded into history.

Jack said...

I've read that oftentimes those Asian character tattoos do not mean what the proud tattoo wearer believes. "I am a douche" is more accurate.

VRCooper said...

Can you please provide further clarification of your support of the restaurant's policy on tattoos?

I too am amazed at the tattoo craze. I am a little older than you and have seen tattoos more and more gaining prominence. Hell, I remember being in the Air Force and they were not allowed PERIOD-covered or not. Recently I have seen the requirements and guys are going in with sleeve tattoos and then some. At work-healthcare-no visible tattoos were allowed. Now, you have young folks all tattooed up WITH piercings. We have come a long way. I personally prefer no tattoos. Maybe a tasteful one here and there. But what really gets me are guys that have randomly placed tattoos placed on their bodies like a bulletin board. Harry Styles I am looking at you.

I believe their restaurant, their rules but the ladies' tattoo was tasteful. I also read the article and it appears the policy was not applied consistently.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@VRCooper: It just means I wish tattoos would return to the prison yard where they belong.