Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

As you can see, the Big Apple has the worst air in the world right now, thanks to air rolling in from Canadian wildfires: 
The sky in New York City rapidly darkened on Wednesday afternoon, as a plume of smoke from Canadian wildfires approached the nation’s largest city and sent the air quality index soaring past 324, the worst since the Environmental Protection Agency began recording air quality measurements in 1999. 

Midtown Manhattan was plunged into a deep hazy orange and smoky clouds obscured visibility across the five boroughs and around the region, canceling some flights. Earlier in the day, commuters donned Covid masks to walk the streets, children were kept indoors at recess, some schools closed and officials warned millions of people to avoid going outside.
Of course I'm concerned about people's health and the environment. But that this may affect my birthday flight to Curaçao in the morning is really "tickling" my irony bone: I basically NEVER leave the house except to travel once or twice a year and now this?!!!

Photos courtesy of my friends about town.


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