Thursday, June 22, 2023

Remains of the Day (06/22)

Los Angeles Magazine: Erik Menendez's pre-murder letter (rightfully) triggers bombshell court order, but am I the only one who finds what he wrote about his father's weight to be odd? (Would the abuse have been less traumatic if his dad were in better shape, or am I missing something here?)

Thursday Ad Watch: Bulge sold separately

Some great stuff on the list, but this online comment took the words right out of my mouth:
This column begins, "If there’s no single definition of what it means to be queer..." Huh? That's what you think? That's how our gay culture has been diluted by the "LGBTQIA2S+" arrivistes who so desperately need to latch on to something. Here's some news: being gay (or "queer," as The New York Times has been suckered into calling it) means being sexual with someone of your own sex.  Call me old fashioned.

The AdvocateUnknown victim of deadly 1973 arson in Upstairs Lounge gay bar finally identified. (This is good news, although I've always been disturbed that this case has somehow been misleadingly cast as an example of hatred and intolerance of LGBT people when by all accounts it was a disgruntled homosexual who committed this heinous crime.) 


Jaradon said...

I wonder if you have seen an ad which keeps popping up my Instagram and I've seen it on Facebook too- a twenty something beefy jock guy is talking about his mental health while he is a locker room- the guy reminds me of a young Chris Pratt

mwk said...

Two comments: Regarding Luke McFarlane and his "lover", good for them, but is there some "law" I missed that says gay couples must look alike? Second comment, on the "queer" issue and "LGBTQIA...lmnop". As a Jewish/white/gay/he,him/male, I feel totally disconnected now from the "Gay community". Boston just had its first Pride in three years, and now it's called "Pride for the People". And by "People" they seem to mean POC, Trans and non-binary only. My husband and I stayed home.