Sunday, June 11, 2023

Novak Djokovic Defeats Casper Ruud for Record 23rd Major Title

Novak Djokovic made history on Sunday, with a 7-6 (1), 6-3, 7-5 win over Casper Ruud that gave him his 23rd Grand Slam victory. After nearly two decades of chasing his Big 3 rivals, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Djokovic has finally -- and almost certainly permanently -- passed them in their three-way major-title race.

The win makes Djokovic the only man to win each major at least three times

All of this is why I cut Novax some slack on his seemingly insane views: His body is a freakish temple that at 36 is “younger” than a 20-year-old -- Carlos Alcaraz was only “ailing” during the much-hyped semifinal showdown in the sense that he was beaten into submission by a man 16 years his senior who was both physically and mentally superior -- so who are we to question what he thinks is right for him when clearly he knows best?

Modest louse


A few years ago when Federer hit 20 majors, Damian and I half-jokingly said "Wouldn't it be funny if Fed ended up being third in the Big Three"? At least my brother Bill didn't live to see this! 

Andy knows best


BingoGroupie said...

My least favorite of the big three, but is definitely and undeniably the best!

Rishabh said...

Very well said. It's a pity that tennis fandom has become so extreme and tribal, that many Fed/Nadal fans pour vitriol on Novak for no other reason than the fact that he's eclipsed their fave players' records. I mean, if one truly loves *tennis* as opposed to just being a fan of one player, there is no way one cannot appreciate the sheer grit, precision, strategy and intensity which Novak brings to his game. He has a plan to counter and overwhelm each opponent he plays. He may not be (and obviously need not be, either) everyone's favourite player, and even within his fanbase, there are many (self included) who strongly disagree with his stance on Covid vaccines. But as a tennis player, the man is without parallel. There's a reason no one else has accomplished as much as he has. The facts - objective metrics to determine performance - speak for themselves. Denying that is just churlish groupism and nothing else. I think it escapes several people that they can still have their own choice of a favourite player to root for, whilst also acknowledging that another player has objectively achieved significantly more.