Monday, May 15, 2023

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Everyone's in Rome -- Ciao! -- and I've got the proof BELOW.

Carlos Alcaraz and Bernabé Zapata enjoyed a hit ...

Lights! Camera! Casper! 

Felix Auger Aliassime

Matteo Berrettini

Bernabé then hooked up with Cam Norrie

Be still my beating heart, Andrea Pellegro

Local boys Andrea Pellegro and Andrea Vavassori in action 

Didn't realize they had open carry in Rome

Wesley Koolhof and the Skupski brothers have nothing on Coach Morgan

Andy Murray turns 36 

And I’m actually surprised he made this (hilarious) joke given what a feminist he is.

Marton looks good from either direction 

Neal Skupski and his girlfriend take in the sights (besides him)

Towering El Salvadorean 

Jiří Lehečka is filling out

J.J. Wolf is having a great tournament, even if his Joe Dirt impersonation is leaving people confused 

Oh, Daddy!

The FAA would definitely have the police waiting at the gate for me if I saw this walking up and down the aisle of a flight

Borna's new coach seems to be helping his game, if not his hair

Oh, Daddy Part II

Javi Pulgar is the gift that keeps giving 

No complaints about this Borna

Here's the beef: Sam Weissborn picked a winner in Arneodo Romain

Maxime Cressey

I like where this is going: Petr Mouza and Andrew Paulson 

Taylor Fritz and Casper Ruud remind us that white men can't say no to golf

Mother's Day with Vasek 

Looks like the "Break Point" gang is back together (still haven't watched) 

Casper being so rude! 

And last but not least, J.J. Wolf's Mother's Day photo reveals he didn't fall far from the tree.

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JJ needs a haircut