Thursday, May 11, 2023

Are You Ready for the Gayest Tennis Podcast Ever?

For my fellow tennis fans, you will probably want to check out the Ball Boys podcast, which co-hosts Paul Munkholm and Billy Hanson describe this way:
Did you know liking tennis is one of the main signs you may be a homosexual? Neither did we, but since every gay person we know likes tennis, we decided to make a podcast about it. Welcome to Ball Boys, where we talk the ins, outs, tops, bottoms, grunts and groans of professional tennis.
Billy, of course, is an old friend of mine. He seduced me by telling me he had a framed poster of a young Chris Evert hanging in his living room -- and a cat named Petra -- and the rest is history. (I'm willing to overlook his deep-seated hatred for Novak Djokovic for the purposes of this friendship.) 

He and Paul have great chemistry and really home in on the important parts of the sport, like who's hot (Billy's mom wants to f**k Rublev; Paul recognizes that models are better than civilians and that long hair on men is a major boner killer), who's a brat, who dresses well and anything related to gay tennis players (QWatch), all one of them (who is retired). 

Have a listen HERE.

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