Monday, April 10, 2023

Remains of the Day (04/10)

Insider Monkey: The 25 gayest cities in the world -- or are they the queerest?

Manspread Monday: Titans Rugby edition

Mug Shot MondayI can change him

NYT: I've been lamenting that Dems didn't get ahead of the trans sports issue before it was too late -- and now it seems Biden had been working on his plan for transgender Title IX rules since Inauguration Day, but debates and Covid delays allowed time for 20 states to pass draconian laws before Uncle Joe's guidance was announced. Bright spot: In addition to prohibiting outright bans, it would also give the Department of Education the ability to investigate and potentially withhold federal funds from schools that violate the rule once it becomes finalized.

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Jaradon said...

Rugby players have to be the hottest jocks and they are no afraid to show off their beefy bodies.