Thursday, March 23, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/23)

Mask4Masc: All-beef edition

The "interactions" she's referring to were covered by the Los Angeles Blade HERE.

NYP: If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: Activists' militant stance on trans inclusion in sports is one of the principal reasons the LGBT movement is experiencing a monumental backlash, needlessly giving people who already hate us an opening because the position also raises concerns in level-headed people who support us. Anyone with half a brain can tell you there's a problem when a transwoman already in her 40s (Tiffany Thomas) takes up a sport and immediately wins 20 elite level events over cisgender career cyclists in their 20s and 30s. Ditto for Lia Thomas, who quickly broke six swimming records. Can't say I blame champion cyclocross rider Hannah Arensman for just walking away from it all. (Women are tired of making concessions.) Yes she's wrong for calling her trans competitors "men." (In fairness, somehow "biological male" is considered equally offensive and even people who champion inclusion are viciously branded TERFs for trying to set up any type of guidelines.) But that doesn't take away from the inherent unfairness of it all, which is fueling anti-LGBT legislation across the nation. (Lia Thomas probably didn’t help the cause much by inexplicably opting to be indiscreet about her male-reproductive organs in the women’s locker room during an away swim meet.) Transgender people deserve respect and dignity, and are entitled to equal access to housing and employment. But being eligible for each and every type of sport is not an inalienable right. No one said life is always fair. (As a gay man, I'm not able to have a child who is 50% my DNA and 50% my partner's DNA because of my biology.) LGBT leaders should have been on top of this instead of letting hatemongers set the rules and this is the price all LGBT people are paying.

MetroWeekly: A draconian trans bathroom bill that likely would have faced enormous backlash just a few years ago is now law in Arkansas 

Dlisted: Happy 70th to Chaka Khan, whom I'll always adore for her music and for blurting shit out on a podcast!

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